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The Hare - 1316 →

This story was inspired by the Ancients of the World in The Mabinogion, though the hare herself is not one.

There is a poem by R.S. Thomas called The Ancients of the World.

The Sparrow - 1665 →

This is a story of the Great Plague of London.

The Peregrine - 625 AD →

This is a story set in Wales and the East Anglian court near Sutton Hoo.

The Seal - 1889 →

This is a selkie story.

The White Rhinoceros →

Mammoth Dreaming →

This is a novel set in the Ice Age, in what is now South West France.

The novel is presented one chapter per page. Each page has links to the previous and next chapters. Individual chapters may be found from the table. Only the first seven chapters are illustrated at the moment. I will put more illustrations in as I paint them.